Hospitals involved in Southampton University’s AWARE Project

Doctors and surgeons have reported some of the most impressive cases of NDE on record, the most spectacular being that of Pam Reynolds (see my Pam Reynolds page below). Just recently, there was the case of Dr Eben Alexander: A neurologist by profession and staunch NDE sceptic - until he had a very deep NDE himself.

In 2008, a group of doctors from around the world and lead by Dr Sam Parnia, started a complex three-year research project recording what people saw and heard during a cardiac arrest. These people were all but dead, so they called them After rather than Near Death Experiences. They called their investigation the Human Consciousness Project. Visit the website at

Using specialised monitoring equipment, the research took place in 16 leading hospitals in the UK, the US, Canada and Austria. The results are now out.

Below is a list of the active Researchers and Scientific Advisory Group for the Human Consciousness Project who took part in the project.

The list is as appears on the project’s website at


University of Southampton: Dr Sam Parnia (Chairman, Respiratory); Professor Stephen Holgate (Respiratory Medicine); Dr Peter Fenwick (Psychiatry); Professor Robert Peveler (Psychiatry); Dr Niki Fallowfield (Resuscitation)

University of Cardiff: Professor Douglas Chamberlain (Cardiology & Resuscitation)

Hammersmith Hospital: London, Dr Ken Spearpoint (Resuscitation)

University of Cambridge: Dr Susan Jones (Resuscitation)

University of Oxford: Dr Sue Hampshire (Resuscitation)

Northampton Hospital: Dr Celia Warlow (Resuscitation)

St Georges Hospital: London, Dr Leanne Smythe (Resuscitation)

St Peters Hospital: Dr Paul Wills (Resuscitation)

Mayday Hospital: London, Dr Russell Metcalfe Smith (Resuscitation

Royal Bournemouth Hospital: Dr Hayley Killingback (Resuscitation)

Morriston Hospital: Dr Penny Sartori (Critical Care Nursing)

Stevenage Hospital: Dr Salli Lovett (Critical Care)

Salisbury Hospital: Dr Iain Maclean (Resuscitation)

Swindon Hospital: Dr Jon Taylor (Resuscitation)

University of Birmingham: Dr Peter Doyle (Emergency Medicine) Dr Tina Millward (Resuscitation)

James Paget Hospital: Dr Pam Cushing (Resuscitation)

East Sussex Hospitals: Dr Harry Walmsley (Anaesthetics & Resuscitation).


Indiana State University: Dr Mark Farber (Pulmonary & Critical Care)

University of Chicago: Dr Eric Gluck (Pulmonary & Critical Care)

Brooklyn Medical Centre: Dr Juan Acosta (Emergency Medicine)

University of Virginia: Professor Bruce Greyson (Psychiatry), Professor Robert O’Connor (Emergency Medicine)

Albert Einstein Medical College: Dr Gabriele DeVos (Research Methodology & Immunology)

New York University: Dr Nonkulie Dladla (Research Methodology & Internal Medicine)

University of Berkeley: Dr Henry Stapp (Quantum Physics).


University of Montreal: Dr Mario Beauregard (Neuroscience)


University of Vienna: Professor Roland Beisteiner (Neurology), Dr Fritz Sterz (Emergency Medicine), Dr Michael Berger (Neuroscience)