Distressing Near Death Experiences

For up to 10% of people, elements of their NDE turn out to be a very distressing.

Called a distressing or disturbing NDE (dNDE), examples of the distressing elements are strange, threatening landscapes; feeling evil beings near them and shapes that engulf them. Others report having burdens of guilt loaded upon them. Many say that whatever it was that targeted them during their dNDE, still visits them for up to a year or so after. Despite the intense fear and distress, all say that the feeling of pure love and great joy was forever present, albeit as a powerless observer.

The question often arises as to whether these dNDEs come mainly to those who have an NDE as a result of attempted suicide. This probably stems from the old idea that suicide is a wicked and shameful thing, even when people are suffering great pain or grief. However, this is quite definitely not the case. There is no correlation whatsoever. People who attempt suicide have NDEs just as pleasurable as people who have them via other causes and, of course, vice versa. Just because someone attempts suicide and has a dNDE, does not mean that the suicide attempt brought it about.