Can a Near Death Experience bring out, or create, a new talent?

One of the most notable cases of Near Death Experience evoking a new talent is that of Dr Cicoria. Dr Cicoria is a senior orthopaedic surgeon in Norwich, New York, USA. There is on-going research into his phenomenon.

I make no attempt at hiding the fact that I used his experience in my novel, Springs of Dark Water.

While making a call from a public phone, lightning struck the cubicle and its occupant. Dr Cicoria had an Out of Body Experience and a deep Near Death Experience. With no particular interest in music before his NDE, he developed a highly conspicuous talent, not only as a pianist but also as a composer of piano music.

There is, of course, an obvious question. Did the Near death Experience bring about his incredible new talent or was it the lightning? You could even ask whether the lightning had an effect on the Near Death Experience, modifying it in some way. In other words, Dr Cicoria wouldn’t have gained his new talent without the combined effect of both the NDE and the lightning.

Let’s look at lightning first. In addition to death, NASA lists the effects of lightning as follows:

-Loss of consciousness/coma


-Electroencephalographic (brainwave abnormalities)

-Brain/Cerebellum damages

-Numbness/Weakness in limbs/Partial or complete (but temporary) paralysis

-Neuropathy/Pain syndromes

-Spinal cord injury/Parkinsonism

-Sleep and memory disorders

-Concentration disturbances

-Irritability/Depression/other disturbances e.g. headaches, tiring easily, etc.

-lightning storm phobia, etc.

-Post traumatic Stress Disorder

The list continues with other physical problems, but nowhere does it mention the emergence of new talents ( Neither is it listed in any other readily available sources of lightning strike after-effects.

However, in the list of after-effects of a Near Death Experience, there are numerous examples of either enhanced or newly acquired talents. Dr Cicoria’s example is among the most remarkable.

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