The Brain is a Quantum Organ

You’re probably asking yourself just what on earth does all that that mean. Do I really need to know? Does it affect my life in any way?

Yes, you do need to know and yes, it most certainly does affect your life. It affects your life more ways than you can possibly know.

In the late 1980s, Sir Roger Penrose, (awarding winning theoretical physicist, mentor of Stephen Hawking and mathematics professor at the University of Oxford), proposed the theory that the brain was in fact a quantum organ. Neuroscience academics the world over rejected the idea as absurd. However, Dr Stuart Hameroff, a research anaesthetist, neuroscientist and professor at the University of Arizona, saw the true worth of Professor Penrose’s work. For twenty years, they pressed ahead developing the theory, always under the storm of dissension that any new and highly controversial theory attracts. Other scientists were seen as plainly jealous.

Last year, (2014), experiments conducted around the world and in Japan and the USA, concluded beyond doubt that Penrose and Hameroff were right - the brain is a quantum organ.

What is quantum mechanics and what are the consequences?


Among the collection of weird phenomenon, quantum mechanics determines that things can exist in two forms and in two different places at the same time. As you read this, there are two of you: one made of particles, the other of waves. Only recently, and for the very first time, the world saw photographic proof of this phenomenon (quantum superposition to use its scientific name).

It’s also incorrect to think of particles as existing as tiny points. The truth is that they exist as fuzzy masses of vibrating energy whose extremities stretch out to infinity.

Apart from paving the way for reincarnation, Professors Penrose and Hameroff also believe that proving the brain to be a quantum organ also explains how people can have Out-of-Body Experiences, Near Death Experiences and accounts for so-called paranormal affects such as telepathy etc.

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