Issues: Murder, duplicity, World Order manipulation, timeless romantic attachment, Near Death Experience and the Afterlife

Locations: Richmond (UK), Hertfordshire (UK), Epping Forest (UK), Lugano Switzerland

Springs of Dark Water

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Murder, duplicity, devastating family revelations brought about by a Near-Death Experience against the backdrop of centuries of World Order control and manipulation. Its leads to a dramatic, heart-wrenching, heart-warming climax overlooking majestic Lake Lugano in Switzerland.

Paul Rainbird survives an attempt on his life and whilst in a coma, has a Near Death Experience (NDE) during which he sees a man claiming to be his true biological father and who, together with his late grandmother, warns him that his life is in danger. 

He visits Marcus Coaker QC - well known for a previous case on NDE - for his help. Paul is the youngest of the Rainbird family, the Rainbirds being one of the richest families in the world. They were pivotal in setting up a global organisation that manipulates governments, dictating banking and other policies, which decide whether smaller nations will succeed or fail. Internally, they call themselves The Corporation, which is managed by the Group of Elders. 

Paul's first assignment takes him to Maldovia and Beldatia where he is supposed to be monitoring certain projects, unaware of the true reason why The Corporation is in these countries. His powers of precognition increases due to his NDE and he tells Marcus of his new and frightening images. Marcus is convinced that Paul's life is very much in danger as he comes head-to-head with The Corporation when he infiltrates their computer database. 

Marcus' determination to save Paul takes him into the dark world of ruthless murder and election rigging; of a family where power and money will hold nothing back to achieve global economic domination including taking the lives of their own family members.

Lugano Switzerland

Lugano Switzerland

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In Springs of Dark Water, Paul Rainbird’s talent as a pianist is enhanced dramatically by a Near-Death Experience. Read about the incredible experience of Dr Cicoria to whom such a experience really happened.

New talent brought out by an NDE

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