Scientists glimpse strange shadows

A recent discovery has the potential to answer a great many questions and create thousands more at the same time; questions that science may not find the answers to for centuries to come. We know that everything in the universe, us included, is made of atomic particles. In reality, everything is made of both particles and waves at the same time. As you read this blog from inside your body, which is made of particles, it exists also in the form of its own, very unique, wave. (See my blog: We exist in two forms at the same time).

From recent discoveries, it seems that being a particle or a wave is just the tip of the iceberg. (Nature Photonics journal, volume 6 page 600; Science journal, volume 338, page 634 and 637) There’s an infinity of other ways in which things can exist.

If we call a wave white and a particle black (or vice versa, it doesn’t matter), they’ve discovered that an infinite number of shades of grey exists in between. So strange are these new types of existence that we have no language to describe them.

For the moment, there’s no practical way to detect these new forms of matter outside the very limited space of an interferometer. From here on, the possibilities are endless. It could be that what lies between wave and particle holds the key to where the mind resides.