Murder, duplicity, timeless attachments, Near-Death Experience and allied phenomena

The Trial of Poppy Moon

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Calamitous medical practice, Near-Death Experience, no time for a trial, an impossible race against time.

Murder, duplicity, World Order manipulation, timeless attachment, new talents brought out by Near-Death Experience

Springs of Dark Water

 JOHN CORDER                

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Lowland Highcane

Reviewing the Nature of Our Very Existence

A sea change in attitudes is finally upon us. Near-Death Experience and allied phenomena (Mediumship, precognition, telepathy and clairvoyance) are no longer taboo subjects. Until quite recently, merely being associated with such phenomena was considered professional suicide. However, with the help of private investors, the advances made have been so significant that major scientific institutions have started changing their views. Examples of these are the American Psychological Association and the American Institute of Physics.

Nothing in these articles is fantasy. It looks at the findings of some of the world’s best scientists, many of whom, for several decades, ran against the scorn of their peers. Realistically though, those reactions were not totally surprising given the claims being made: That scientific evidence was clearly pointing towards the reality of life after death.

The existence of such evidence challenges us to reassess the purpose and nature of our current existence.

References and further reading for these articles can be found in the Reference section.

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