Murder, duplicity, timeless attachments, Near-Death Experience and the Afterlife

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2. Is this the greatest discovery ever made by the human race?

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AWARE Project results: Near-Death Experiences are NOT hallucinations

On 7th October 2014, Southampton University in the UK proudly announced the results of the AWARE project (AWAreness during Resuscitation).

Spanning 16 hospitals in the UK, the US and Austria, researchers tested the validity of conscious experiences on 2060 people at the brink of death and undergoing resuscitation. Using objective markers for the first time ever, the large study set out to determine whether claims of awareness compatible with out-of-body experiences corresponded with real or hallucinatory events.

The results have attracted huge interest worldwide. Look under Near-Death Experience on the navigation bar above for a list of the hospitals involved.

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The Immortality Project:

The $5 million, 5 year study into a scientific basis for life after death.

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Issues: Reckless, calamitous medical practice, Near-Death Experience, no time for a trial, an impossible race against time.

Locations: Initially London then Jersey (UK) and Richmond Virginia (USA)

Issues: Murder, duplicity, World Order manipulation, timeless attachment, Near-Death Experience and the Afterlife, new talents brought out by Near-Death Experience

Locations: Richmond (UK), Hertfordshire (UK), London, Epping Forest (UK), Lugano Switzerland

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1. Amidst huge controversy, they prove the brain is a quantum organ

Do I really need to know this? What on earth is quantum mechanics?

In proving the brain is a quantum organ, scientists show how reincarnation may happen. They also show the mechanism of Near Death Experience, Out-of-Body Experience and many paranormal phenomenon such as telepathy etc.

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